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Lost souls is mostly fanfiction. Its addictive so be careful. I would know..>> Anywho, this is my first ever web site and i do say i am very proud of myself. Even if I dont have any fanfiction to post yet. So send me you're fics! I accept everything!

So much space to type...and I dont know what to type.

Sign my guest book! I wanna know what you think so far!

E-mail me your fics! ASAP!! ^^

Updates! ^^


Building is so hard...and schools commin up. >< I hope i can keep this going


I did a lot more today. *kicks her counter* where is that damed thing. Its just not there...ah well. I added a "me" page. yay. I finished editing all the other pages that came with stuff on them. I hate that. ^^

September 20th
First off, I would like to send my sympathy to all the family and friends of lost loved ones in the horrible bombings of last Tuseday. Second, Thanks you to all the fallen fire fighters and New Yorks finest, the police.
Onward..Dont dewell in the past.
*cough* i've been busy? And i dont really think anyones been here..which disappoints me. I NEED FICS!! Come on people! Nothing much else has been going on......FICS!!!!!


A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

One of Ivy's favorite pics of the g-boys

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